Annual WISS Radio Trivia Contest - 2001

The contest in 2001 was shortened to 9 daylight hours Feb 3rd (8:00 to 5:00) on 1090 AM.
WISS Standings 2001
PlaceTeam NamePoints
1Usual Suspects380
2Rural Rec's370
3U.S.S. Voyager370
4Fabulous Flying Zupan Brothers365
5Good Night Irene320
5Happy Hour Crew320
5Rubber Biscuits320
5Tag Team Trivia320
6Who Wants to be a Trivianaire?310
7Al's Pals300
7Gladys Gooding Project300
7Tippy's Acres300
8Wizard of Oz280
9Know Nots275
10Smell My Shoe270
10Fooled U270
10Prime Time270
10That's Our Final Answer270
11The Dirty Dozen265
12Just Us225
13Grub's Gang210
14Tustin Trio180
15Coed Naked Trivia70
Questions: 34, plus 1 tie breaker.
Possible Points: 405
Trivia Master: Martin Jury.

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