BERLIN--This past weekend was the annual WISS trivia contest. Teams from all across the Mid-Wisconsin area, and some that make a special trip in each year from other parts of the country, spent 21 hours researching, guessing, and spending time with family and friends participating in this years contest on WISS.

"We are really proud of the contest year in and year out. Itís special when you realize that so many people plan this weekend months ahead of time.", said Martin Jury. "The teams put a lot of effort into it, as do we at WISS. And to be perfectly honest, we have fun back at Trivia Central too just like the teams. (And just like the teams, we are very serious when the questions are answered.) I would personally like to thank the teams that participated in this years contest and thank this years team at Trivia Central."

After 21 hours, many teams get tired, fall asleep, or just stop playing. This year we had 33 out of 34 teams still playing at the completion of the contest. "Thatís something that I hadnít heard of in the five contests Iíve been a part of.", said Martin Jury.

An audit of the results on Sunday afternoon showed a change in the final standings. The teams were contacted and the official results announced Tuesday morning on WISS. Here are the official result of the 14th Annual WISS Trivia Contest:

01. Berry Bushman & Friends ($100 prize)
02. Tippyís Acres ($75 prize)
03. Hugh Beaumont ($50 prize)
04. Itís Just Us ($25 prize)*
05. US Voyager ($25 prize)*
06. Joanne and Mabel
07. Know Nots
08. Happy Hour Crew
09. Prime Time-The Next Generation
10. Dennyís Back
11. Rubber Bisquits
12. The Flying Zupan Brothers
13. Lethal Weapon
14. Good Night Irene
15. Rural Recs
16. Usual Suspects
17. And Then There Were Two
18. The Wizards of Oz
19. Pull My Finger
20. Brainbusters
21. Berlin Area Suds Guzzlers
22. Tag Team Trivia
23. Tres Habaneros
24. Budaís Babies
25. Tustin Trio
26. Pizza, Pizza
27. Alís Pals
28. Poopysteins
29. Farming Naked
30. The Rusty Zipper Clones
31. Duh, Weíre Not Stupid
32. Campers
33. The Rookies
34. Long Distance Trivia

*USS Voyager won the on-air tie breaker for fourth place, but the audit after the contest showed the tie-breaker wasnít needed. The actual fourth place team was Itís Just Us. Both teams were awarded the $25 prize, but the fourth place bragging right belong to the real fourth place team of Itís Just Us.